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"Technosol" is a scientific and technological company founded in 2011. Our specialization - solutions for energy autonomy and efficient use of alternative energy sources.

The remote corners of our country are sometimes devoid of centralized power grids, and the cost of electricity in these places can be unnecessarily high. Therefore, the use of free solar energy is the optimal solution to save money and maintain an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Our company sells and installs the following products:

- solar panels of different powers, sizes and types;

- voltage converters (solar inverters), including for domestic and industrial use, capable of supplying energy to the electricity grid;

- solar charge controllers, including MPPT controllers – are a high-tech solution that allows you to distribute the power received by the solar panel more efficiently during the day;

- rechargeable batteries of different capacities etc.

(see our prices in the attached file)

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