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We created our Astra Verde platform to help producers and consumers of organic and eco-sustainable products to get in touch. Providers can register their companies or activities and tell users about their products and services, and users can find any bio, eco-product or service they need using our advanced search and locations on Google Maps.

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Community - YOU are not alone!

Astra Verde is also a community of people who care about Nature and are not indifferent to environmental problems. Here you can find articles, reviews, success stories, discussions, expert opinions and other useful information for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We always welcome your participation in any discussions and your comments, feedback or criticism if you have any!

Education and Environmental Protection

We also have a section for eco-education! So, whether you represent a school, college or university, organize seminars, webinars, online courses, masterclasses or simply teach others something useful for Our Planet – welcome to our web platform! For environmental initiatives, networks, organisations and other non-profit activities, we also have a special section and the possibility to register for free! We also provide free registration for announcements of animals/pets adoption!


Forum, ECO-IQ Test, Investors

We have also created a forum for discussion where you can ask any questions and give answers about eco and organic lifestyles! In addition, you can also test your knowledge of ecology and nature, then you can share your results on social media. See the "ECO-IQ Test" section! If you have an interesting project/product/service and need funding, you can register it in our "Looking for Investors" section. We wish you good luck!

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Our members always strive to be more sustainable, greener, more responsible and more innovative!

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Electromagnetic pollution of the environment - How to protect yourself

This article will tell you all you need to know about electromagnetic pollution. Read it and you’ll know why “The Matrix” has some true science behind the plot, how migrating birds find their homes, what Schumann waves are and why are they vital. You will also discover how pollution damages human health, what the most dangerous electromagnetic sources are, both inside house and outdoors, how walking barefoot helps you to “ground” the body, how to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation and many more useful facts

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