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Category: Green Lifestyle

Jun 22
Electromagnetic pollution of the environment. How to protect yourself

We live in a universe completely permeated with electromagnetic waves and fields of different types and intensities. And, as a result, electromagnetic radiation affects the whole creation on planet Earth. Before moving on to consider the issue of pollution and how to avoid it, let’s try to understand more closely what is the nature of […]

  • Ecology
Jun 21
What is the “Zero Waste” Principle and How to Apply it in Everyday Life

Environmental pollution is the most urgent ecological problem. In the process of human activity garbage is formed, most of which cannot be reused. Thus, the Zero Waste concept has become known as a project that can reduce the volume of garbage, thereby significantly improving the environmental situation. 1) Zero Waste Concept 2) History of the […]

  • Eco Design
Jun 21
Garbage or art? What is Trash Art?

One of the most serious and pressing problems in the world is global environmental pollution, so the conscious representatives of art have not stepped aside. Trash Art is a contemporary art form in which industrial waste, parts of broken mechanisms and other household wastes are used to create art objects. Today it has acquired the […]

  • Eco Design
Jun 20
Homemade compost – everything you need to know about DIY composting

What is compost? What can be composted? How to mix the components correctly? What should not be put in the composter? 3 problems with composting and how to solve them. How to compost quickly? Activators, accelerators and biodegradants. Live helpers for lazy gardeners: compost Vermiculture. How to properly breed earthworms? General overview of garden composters. […]

Jun 15
A magician from China and her paintings full of love for nature

Chinese illustrator Jin XingYe has published a number of works that have become very popular on the web. In her drawings, the author tries to show the ideal harmony of the relationship between man and nature. The tenderness and soulfulness of the works reflect the artist’s love for nature and also show humanity its beauty. […]

Jun 12
What is plogging? How to do sports and help the environment?

History of plogging. Where and how to do plogging. How do you become a plogger? What do you need to know before leaving for an Eco-jogging and what do ploggers collect? 1. History of plogging Plogging refers to the process of collecting garbage while jogging, and the term is the result of the fusion of […]

Jun 08
What is geothermal and hydrothermal energy? Their history and perspectives

What is hydrothermal energy? Advantages of hydrothermal energy. Geothermal energy. Benefits of using geothermal energy. The history and prospects of the use of geothermal and geothermal energy. 1. What is hydrothermal energy? This method is based on the use of plain water and thermal energy will be extracted from it. If there is a lake […]

Dec 23
How to save energy at home – here’s what you can do without much effort and cost!

The question is quite important because even if you have everything at home OK, you can still reduce the cost of bills by 30% or more if you perform at least some of the tasks described below. LIGHTING Energy-saving lamps are about 4-5 times more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs. That is, a 20-watt energy-saving […]